Frequently Asked Questions

What is GMCS?

The Global Case Management System (GCMS) is Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC’s) single, integrated and worldwide system used internally to process applications for citizenship and immigration services..

What is included in the notes?

The GCMS notes capture the entire immigration file from the IRCC computer systems. The report has valuable information on the current status and notes from the officers reviewing your file for.

Is it safe to request GCMS Notes?

Yes, it is absolutely 100% safe, legal and a secure way to obtain information. It is the safest and easiest way of tracking of your immigration or visa application status. The Canadian law states that every GCMS order should be processed unbiased with no restriction and no negative effect on applicant's situation. So any applicant could order GCMS notes as many times as one needs it.

How long does it take to get GCMS notes?

Under the Canadian Access to Information and Privacy Act the IRCC has to respond to a request for GCMS notes within 30 days. Though, this period may be extended if: the request is for a large number of records, or the officers have been overloaded with the number of pending requests.

Can I expedite the processing for GCMS notes?

No, the processing times for all requests are the same and cannot be expedited. However, we at myGCMS strive to place orders the same day they are complete and send the notes the same day they are released providing you with a streamlined, efficient and fast service.

Does ordering GCMS notes delay the file processing?

No, ordering GCMS notes does not delay the processing of your file in any way. It has no negative impact on your file and an applicant can order as many GCMS notes as he desires. In some cases where there has been no movement on the file a movement was seen after the GCMS notes were request. This is because before the GCMS notes are released an officer has to look into your file even when he was not supposed to. Therefore ordering GCMS notes is safe and sometimes beneficial.

What if my request takes longer than the average processing times?

Only in very rare cases does the delivery of GCMS notes take longer than the average processing times. If we are unable to deliver the notes within 120 days after placing the request you can request for a refund, which will be expeditiously processed on a case-to-case basis. The amount is refunded in 2 weeks after the refund request is placed after deducting any charges incurred in the process.

Apart from knowing the status, how else will the GCMS notes help me?

Lets you know if your representative is doing his job
GCMS notes will not only provide you with the current status, it will also enable to ensure that your officer is doing his job on time. In many cases applications are refused because of a officers oversight in submitting the documents on time, or filing incorrect information. The GCMS notes will enable you to keep a check on such errors and take proactive steps before a negative decision is made.

Helps your prepare for interview and gather documents
GCMS notes also help you in preparing for future steps. Some applicants are called in for an interview and the GCMS notes help you understand why the interview was requested. By carefully reviewing the GCMS notes an applicant can figure out the concerns that the officers have about the application. From work experience, medical, criminal history and other concerns will be highlighted enabling you to go be better prepared and gather any necessary documents for the upcoming steps.

Understand refusal reasons
In the unfortunate event of your application being rejected the GCMS notes help you understand why your application was refused. In some cases where the reviewing officer has committed an error you can get your case re-opened. In other cases the GCMS notes help you to re-file your application and ensure that you avoid committing the same mistake again.